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Age: 34

Years Riding: 22

Ave was born in New Denver BC (the heart of the kootenays), raised on 60 acres of lakefront mountain property on Slocan lake. "I've been tele skiing at my parent's backcountry cabins since just after I could walk! I was born and bred in the mountains and never want to leave them," says Ave. He is now happily settled in Golden with his awesome family, a great job, and all the unreal terrain and alpine access a snowboard junkie could need. It was at age 13 when Ave did the switch over from skiing to snowboarding, "it looked cool so I had to try it" he claims. His favourite tricks are backside 180in' over cliffs and rocks or back 3 tail. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is his go-to ski hill, but we all know he'd rather just fire up the brand new 800 and go braapin'. Ave rides for Oatway Productions because "I love the laid back attitude with you boys! And Bertrand is way too much fun. Oh yeah, and the sweet tye-dye t-shirts," he laughs. Apart from Oatway Productions, Ave also rides for Trapper Snowboards, Knight Rider Racks, Celtek Gloves, Yeti Research Co, ltd Optics, Sandbox, Union Binding Co, AirDog and Strikt Gear. When he's not out hunting for that next zone (AKA summer) you can find him mountain biking or building trails and stunts to bike on, surfing both wake and ocean or travelling. "I want to film more big mountain lines this year. I'll have to get you out there with me, "he says. Another reason why we are so happy to have him onboard; he has all the knowledge and backcountry experience we thrive for.

Follow him on Instagram @goldenriderbc