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Age: 29

Years Riding: 19


Jan was born in Germany in a castle that he can’t spell the name of, but was raised in the middle of nowhere (Spruce View, AB). He moved to Golden to take the Adventure Tourism course at the College of the Rockies, but basically to "ride deep, steep snow and get rad in the mountains,” he says, “the mountains brought me to Golden, but it's the cool ass people that keep me here.” Jan started snowboarding when he was 10 on a family vacation to Banff because "it looked way cooler than skiing,” he laughs. Once he got into snowboarding more, snowmobiling seemed like a necessity to accessing the backcountry play land. Then, he landed the dream job with Rocky Mountain Riders as a backcountry sled guide; "it gave me the opportunity to ride over 100 days in the backcountry, now I find myself leaving my snowboard behind and just shredding sleds, brap brap.” He rides for Oatway Productions because “it's a solid crew of riders who throw down huge on the reg, and everyone pushes each other to go bigger, higher and further.” His favorite trick is a cab 5 or pulling out the top of a big chute at 8500 RPM with the skis to the sky. During summer, he is a raft guide and you can find him whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, down hill biking, basically doing “all manner of ill shit," he claims.