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Age: 28

Years Riding: 11


Jessica Pyper grew up playing sports (soccer, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, you name it) in Grimsby, ON. She began snowboarding at the age of 16 because it looked like more fun than skiing, but it wasn’t until she moved to Golden, BC to take a college program in Adventure Tourism Business Operations that she learned how to ride. “Snowboarding is a totally different sport out here, the mountains are always there to push you, or to mock you when you’re too lazy to ride,” laughs Jess. Her favourite trick is a backflip, “even though I suck at them, but I luuuv me a big back one.” She loves being a part of Oatway Productions "because its always exciting, I never know what they're gonna convince me to try next," she says. Other than snowboarding, Jessica enjoys doing yoga anywhere and everywhere, mountain biking, surfing, scuba diving, sledding, and traveling. Jess also teaches yoga here in Golden, BC and teaches yoga retreats all around the world. Follow her on Facebook or check out her website if you're interested in healthy livin'.... I know we are!

Follow her on Instagram @jessicapyper