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Age: 28

Years Riding:  19


Nathaniel was born in Fairview, AB and raised on the farm in Worsley, AB.....  "It's very flat in Worsley," laughs Nathaniel. He originally moved to Golden, BC because "I just wanted to ride everyday at a gnarly mountain and I felt God was calling me back to Golden to share his love with fellow shredders," says Nathaniel. Now he spends most of his time in Golden, shredding and adventuring with his friends. Nathaniel first started snowboarding in 1997 because his sister Rosie was into it, "she now can stomp backy's and back fives," he says proudly. His favourite resort to ride at is Kicking Horse, but Powder King is a close second; "they get so much snow, wide open trees, and sweet spots for booters there." Nathaniel loves riding for Oatway Productions because "(they) put up with me and my ridiculous, but important praying before I drop in to something that scares me and we are all good friends, it is fun, and riding with ya'll pushes my style and ability so much farther than I ever could on my own." He's so stoked to be on his board for the 17th winter; he'll be "17 in snowboarding years, practically a shred adult hahahahah," he laughs. His favourite trick is an allie oop anything, "just because it is fun and makes me smile," he says. From time to time you'll catch him on the farm working cattle on horseback, "Im actually really good on horseback," he says. In his younger days he used to "be big into motocross (that was painful), do a little parkour, skateboard, do backflip burpees till i was dizzy and work out everyday," he claims. When he's not in snowboard mode (aka summer), he's mostly riding his BMX, doing the odd handstand, swimming around in Cedar Lake or playing the guitar. But mostly he's just a proud father and the nicest guy you'll ever meet.