Age: 29

Years Riding:  18

The life and craziness of Danny Bertrand doesn’t really make sense until you hear his birth story. Danny was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1987 in dire need of a blood transfusion. Danny’s old man, who was a navy sailor, was flown from his sea vessel (the HMCS-Assiniboine Destroyer) to give blood to his newborn son otherwise Danny would have passed away. He has since been known for his lifestyle of living on the edge. Danny moved to Golden in 1994 where he played hockey until Adam's Second Year, but hockey got too expensive so he switched to snowboarding. He then bought the world’s shittiest snowboard and has been hooked ever since. Danny loves snowboarding because "dreams can become realities. There's no sense of freedom like it, no rush to compare it to, and some of the time you're 100% as close to that line of life and death that you can be," explains Danny. When asked what his favourite trick is, Danny replies “I don’t know the names of any tricks,” and to be honest, we're not sure if anyone knows the names of his tricks because to most people, they're just not possible. Danny likes being a part of Oatway Productions because "it's a positive environment for me to grow in, there's a lot of quality guys who share and chase the same dreams. Such a dedicated group of people," says Danny. When he's not snowboarding or day dreaming about snowboarding, he's skateboarding, fishing, breaking or fixing anything with a motor, or jamming out. But he's most likely doing the last thing you'd ever expect him to be doing because Danny is the most outrageously spontaneous human ever. So if you find this guy scaling 70ft up some random tree carrying his chainsaw cutting shit down for fun, don't be surprised, just get the f*ck outta the way. 

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Age: 29

Years Riding: 19

Born and raised in Golden, BC, Dave Booher has been shredding since the wee age of 10 years old. He started snowboarding because of his friend Mike Farfaro and hasn’t quit because he loves the sport and his progression within it. He likes riding for Oatway Productions because he likes "riding with my friends, we all share the stoke and feel more compelled to do dangerous stunts,” he says. Dave loves Golden, BC and having grown up in the wilderness with all the mountain activities to challenge him, and of course his friends and family to support his doings. Around KHMR, Dave is known for his signature trick we like to call ‘The Dave Booher’ (a badass butter spin into a nollie backside rodeo) but his favourite trick is a tamedog. When he's not in school or tamedoggin' down the mountain, Dave likes to go skateboarding, do art, play music, make sweet stuff, go hunting or fishing.








Age: 28

Years Riding:  19


Nathaniel was born in Fairview, AB and raised on the farm in Worsley, AB.....  "It's very flat in Worsley," laughs Nathaniel. He originally moved to Golden, BC because "I just wanted to ride everyday at a gnarly mountain and I felt God was calling me back to Golden to share his love with fellow shredders," says Nathaniel. Now he spends most of his time in Golden, shredding and adventuring with his friends. Nathaniel first started snowboarding in 1997 because his sister Rosie was into it, "she now can stomp backy's and back fives," he says proudly. His favourite resort to ride at is Kicking Horse, but Powder King is a close second; "they get so much snow, wide open trees, and sweet spots for booters there." Nathaniel loves riding for Oatway Productions because "(they) put up with me and my ridiculous, but important praying before I drop in to something that scares me and we are all good friends, it is fun, and riding with ya'll pushes my style and ability so much farther than I ever could on my own." He's so stoked to be on his board for the 17th winter; he'll be "17 in snowboarding years, practically a shred adult hahahahah," he laughs. His favourite trick is an allie oop anything, "just because it is fun and makes me smile," he says. From time to time you'll catch him on the farm working cattle on horseback, "Im actually really good on horseback," he says. In his younger days he used to "be big into motocross (that was painful), do a little parkour, skateboard, do backflip burpees till i was dizzy and work out everyday," he claims. When he's not in snowboard mode (aka summer), he's mostly riding his BMX, doing the odd handstand, swimming around in Cedar Lake or playing the guitar.






Age: 29

Years Riding: 19


Jan was born in Germany in a castle that he can’t spell the name of, but was raised in the middle of nowhere (Spruce View, AB). He moved to Golden to take the Adventure Tourism course at the College of the Rockies, but basically to "ride deep, steep snow and get rad in the mountains,” he says, “the mountains brought me to Golden, but it's the cool ass people that keep me here.” Jan started snowboarding when he was 10 on a family vacation to Banff because "it looked way cooler than skiing,” he laughs. Once he got into snowboarding more, snowmobiling seemed like a necessity to accessing the backcountry play land. Then, he landed the dream job with Rocky Mountain Riders as a backcountry sled guide; "it gave me the opportunity to ride over 100 days in the backcountry, now I find myself leaving my snowboard behind and just shredding sleds, brap brap.” He rides for Oatway Productions because “it's a solid crew of riders who throw down huge on the reg, and everyone pushes each other to go bigger, higher and further.” His favorite trick is a cab 5 or pulling out the top of a big chute at 8500 RPM with the skis to the sky. During summer, he is a raft guide and you can find him whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, down hill biking, basically doing “all manner of ill shit," he claims.






Age: 28

Years Riding: 11


Jessica Pyper grew up playing sports (soccer, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, you name it) in Grimsby, ON. She began snowboarding at the age of 16 because it looked like more fun than skiing, but it wasn’t until she moved to Golden, BC to take a college program in Adventure Tourism Business Operations that she learned how to ride. “Snowboarding is a totally different sport out here, the mountains are always there to push you, or to mock you when you’re too lazy to ride,” laughs Jess. Her favourite trick is a backflip, “even though I suck at them, but I luuuv me a big back one.” She loves being a part of Oatway Productions "because its always exciting, I never know what they're gonna convince me to try next," she says. Other than snowboarding, Jessica enjoys doing yoga anywhere and everywhere, mountain biking, surfing, scuba diving, sledding, and traveling. Jess also teaches yoga here in Golden, BC and teaches yoga retreats all around the world. Follow her on Facebook or check out her website if you're interested in healthy livin'.... I know we are!






Age: 28

Years Riding: 16

Rob Fowler was born in Calgary, AB, but he was moved to Golden when he was 6 weeks old; "I'm just glad my parents were cool enough to move to Golden," says Rob, "and, you know, Golden just needed a lil' more Fowler." At age 12, Rob started snowboarding, "it looked fun and I could hear skateboarding telling me to do it. Now, it's more than fun, it's my life." His favorite trick is a backside 540, but goofy butters are his forte. Rob loves Golden and will call it his home for the rest of his life, "IT'S RAD!! It houses good peeps and my family, it's just the place to be for me," says Rob. He rides for Oatway Productions because he loves getting good footy with good friends and being "overall shredtastic." When it's not winter or when the snow's no good, Rob can be found skateboarding, shredding the strings off a guitar, dirt biking, or having a good ol' laugh while drinkin some homebrew in Parsons. 






Age: 33

Years Riding: 24

John was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba; it was -44 degrees Celsius. He spent his winters in Winnipeg and summers wakeboarding at Clear Lake. He started snowboarding when he was 9, getting towed around behind his dad’s car. “Skiing was too easy, I ran out of tricks, says John and so snowboarding became his new hobby. He quit boarding for 2 years then decided to go on one last powder vacation to B.C. On his way home, he decided to stop at Lake Louise for a day in the park and went too big, “I broke three ribs, punctured and collapsed my lung, detached and split my sternum, separated shoulder, compressed neck vertebrae, bruised my heart and got my 11th major concussion. Morphine and one week in Calgary trauma, I couldn't leave, but I got the girl,” says John. Now he’s happily settled in Golden with “a sweet girl, house and all the backcountry access a guy could need.” His favorite trick is a backside 180, but his specialty is Chaquians. He loves riding for Oatway Productions because “this crew pushes me to have fun and enjoy riding like I was a kid” When it’s not winter, you’ll find John skating mini ramp, at the golf course, playing tennis, or fishing. Oh, and you should see some of the paintings and sculptures this guy makes; a true artist.





Age: 29

Years Riding: 13

Ian James Butler, aka Bootfuk, was born in Kamloops, BC and raised in 'Drunken' Drayton Valley, AB. Ian moved to Golden after having done a couple seasons at Sun Peaks, he "got sick of no cliffs, and wanted to move back to the Rockies and drop some man-sized shit," says Ian. He then got a job cooking at Eagles Eye restaurant and decided to stay for two more winters. Ian is now living in Nelson, BC and loving life, "I just love the sled access terrain around Golden and when the hill gets a dump, it's a hard place to beat. Massive inbound cliffs and unlimited slack country, it keeps me coming back foooooshoooo," Ian says. He first started snowboarding when he was 16, "once I finally had saved up enough money to buy my own snowboard and get off those wack looking ski things with no pop," he laughs, "and I was a skateboarder, I wanted to be able do the same tricks I did in the summer in the winter and surfing snow is way better than smashing moguls." His favourite thing to do on a board is just strap in, it's all good from there, he loves riding terrain and resorts he's never ridden before, "exploring a brand new mountain is the best! Not knowing what is over each roller and trying out new tree runs, sometimes you get skunked, but most of the time it's just brand new freshies all fo' you." When Bookfuk is not strapped in, he does a lot of other things like wakeboarding, dirtbiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and partying. "Basically just given’r 365 days a year, I can BBQ like a boss and floating down rivers is always a good time." He likes riding for Oatway Productions "because the crew is the most 'Shredicated' dudes i know, and they're always willing to shovel and film for hours, even on a feature that they may not hit. The whole crew gets hella stoked when people stomp piss and we have the footage to proooove it. SHRED TILL DEATH," - Ian Butler.






Age: 28

Years Riding: 12

Jessie Oatway grew up snowmobiling and GT-ing in Golden, BC; a town of die-hard shredders. He skied at Whitetooth Ski Resort until it closed down in ‘99. Jessie got his first season’s pass for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in 2004 where he decided it was time to try snowboarding (which all of his skateboarding friends did). It wasn’t until Jessie first strapped into a board with his friends that he realized how good they were, “I was convinced my friends were professional snowboarders,” laughs Jessie. "From that moment on, it was my life goal to be as good as they were. I wanted to be at their level of riding,” he says. But on his tenth day of snowboarding, Jessie broke his femur and tore all the ligaments and muscle off his leg crashing into a tree, which he only saw as a setback to his progression (13 months in a cast and a lot of physio). With Jessie’s perseverance and determination, it was only a few years (and a lot of broken bones) later that he was at their level of shred. He likes riding with Oatway Productions because "we don't need anyone else. It's just us. All my friends and people I look up to are all this company needs. We're just living our normal lives... manipulated by film," he says. His favourite trick is backflipping or buttering anything and everything around. Jessie now rides for Alphabet Snowboards and continues to shred, sled, and GT in and around the Golden area. When he's not playing in the snow, he's probably off skateboarding, BMXing, fishing, taking pictures of things and stuff, constructing shit to shred on, or just hiding in his office nerding out hard.





Age: 20

Years Riding: 11

Tristan Miller aka "Tori Dickter" is another born and raised Golden BC local. Tori grew up with the fun mountain lifestyle of downhill biking, hiking, skateboarding, frolicking in the snow and obviously snowboarding; he still finds himself sticking around Golden especially in the winter. He started snowboarding at the age of 9 because "no one likes a two planker," he laughs, "no, no my Dad bought me a snowboard for Christmas and started taking me to the ski hill." Now he rides KHMR practically everyday it's open and gets out to explore the back country as often as possible when the conditions are good. His favourite trick is "a frontside three till I die... Or Jessie's backflips." He likes riding for Oatway productions because "it's always a good time (even when Jessie's pissy- haha). They all push me to try stuff I'm scared of.. (ouch, I told you I couldn't do it). You're always learning a lot more when you ride with better riders… Oh ya, and week long trips to Chatter Creek are also an amazing bonus," he says. "Just all around good times… P.S. I'ma sexy beast… hide yo kids hide yo wife," laughs Dickter.



Age: 30

Years Riding: 14

JT was born and raised in Calgary, AB, well... until he was 11 years old anyway, then they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 6 years, Texas for a year, then Canmore, AB for a year, and eventually back to Calgary which he still calls home. The people and the quick, easy access to the mountains keep him content. JT started snowboarding in 2003, "I needed an outlet for my hyperactivity," he says. His favourite thing is buttering down the mountain, on and off anything and everything. Kicking Horse and Lake Louise are his go-to resorts (based on the snow reports). "I like riding with Oatway Productions because it's a group of awesome riders with some seriously unique riding styles. Every time that we ride it's HILARIOUS fun, and we really push each other to go bigger!" says JT. When the snow drys up and there's none left to butter, you can find him slacklining, doing yoga, drinking, or maybe out on the lake wake boarding. He also has some hilarious videos on Youtube if you're looking for a good laugh. Check out Wine Tasters Weekly



Age: 35

Years Riding: 22

Ave was born in New Denver BC (the heart of the kootenays), raised on 60 acres of lakefront mountain property on Slocan lake. "I've been tele skiing at my parent's backcountry cabins since just after I could walk! I was born and bred in the mountains and never want to leave them," says Ave. He is now happily settled in Golden with his awesome family, a great job, and all the unreal terrain and alpine access a snowboard junkie could need. It was at age 13 when Ave did the switch over from skiing to snowboarding, "it looked cool so I had to try it" he claims. His favourite tricks are backside 180in' over cliffs and rocks or back 3 tail. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is his go-to ski hill, but we all know he'd rather just fire up the brand new 800 and go braapin'. Ave rides for Oatway Productions because "I love the laid back attitude with you boys! And Bertrand is way too much fun. Oh yeah, and the sweet tye-dye t-shirts," he laughs. Apart from Oatway Productions, Ave also rides for Trapper Snowboards, Knight Rider Racks, Higher Ground, Celtek Gloves, Frosty Headwear and Avalanche Safety Solutions. When he's not out hunting for that next zone (AKA summer) you can find him mountain biking or building trails and stunts to bike on, surfing both wake and ocean or travelling. "I want to film more big mountain lines this year. I'll have to get you out there with me, "he says. Another reason why we are so happy to have him onboard; he has all the knowledge and backcountry experience we wish we had.