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Age: 20

Years Riding: 11

Tristan Miller aka "Tori Dickter" is another born and raised Golden BC local. Tori grew up with the fun mountain lifestyle of downhill biking, hiking, skateboarding, frolicking in the snow and obviously snowboarding; he still finds himself sticking around Golden especially in the winter. He started snowboarding at the age of 9 because "no one likes a two planker," he laughs, "no, no my Dad bought me a snowboard for Christmas and started taking me to the ski hill." Now he rides KHMR practically everyday it's open and gets out to explore the back country as often as possible when the conditions are good. His favourite trick is "a frontside three till I die... Or Jessie's backflips." He likes riding for Oatway productions because "it's always a good time (even when Jessie's pissy- haha). They all push me to try stuff I'm scared of.. (ouch, I told you I couldn't do it). You're always learning a lot more when you ride with better riders… Oh ya, and week long trips to Chatter Creek are also an amazing bonus," he says. "Just all around good times… P.S. I'ma sexy beast… hide yo kids hide yo wife," laughs Dickter.

Follow him on Instagram @toridickter