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sean weber

Age: 28

Born and raised in Golden, BC (Blaeberry to be specific). Sean has been in love with mountains and has had the need for adventure since his childhood. Having NHL player Shea Weber as an older cousin had a huge influence in his life and Hockey is how he spent most of his winter time as a youngster. But being a Blaeberry kid and having gotten the taste 2 stroke introduced to him at a young age (dirtbikes and snowmobiles) kept him mostly in the hospital and not at hockey tournaments. So it was natural once he had his licence and could haul his machines up to the mountains himself to shred the life of hockey and team sports expired and the never ending freedom of being a fun-haver began. Sean aka The Weebs is also one of the OG creators of Oatway Productions and helped pave the way to the love and talents Jessie now has for film production.  He likes being apart of Oatway Productions because...

He may not ride a snowboard like the rest of the crew but he shows up every event and volunteers his time to the cause whenever the occasion arrises. Besides that he could show you a thing or two about how to wheelie that dirtbike or lauch that ditch gap the snowplow created over the neighbours driveway.