Nick (Solid) Christian

Writer, Contributor and Kootenay Connection

Age: 27

Being born and raised in Mississauga ON, Solid experienced his first time surfing snow on a Sno-Thrasher which he got for christmas in the mid 90’s. Solid first started snowboarding in 2000 on a school trip, "I carved the balls off that mountain and even managed to land my first cliff drop ever; it was said to be 4 feet, but I swear it was 50," he recalls jokingly. Since then, he has grown to love the sport because "it’s experiencing the true moment that we are always living in, but aren’t quite tuned into 24/7 because of work, school, people, and life," explains Solid. Solid left Ontario for the mountains when he was 19 and hasn't looked back since. "I hopped on a train in Toronto and got off in Kamloops 3 days later at 1am. The next day, I applied to Sun Peaks Resort and started my shred-life career as a Lifty and the story unfolds. I now reside in Nelson, BC; the Kootenays. I can safely say that I will call this place home for a long time to come; the atmosphere, passion and vibe that the town and people create make it such an amazingly creative and exciting place to live," he says. Nick likes being a part of Oatway Productions because "it embodies everything I love about snowboarding, and life; getting together with great friends, getting each other incredibly stoked to go out and do that thing we all love to do so much. Beyond that, it is raw talent displayed in its truest form. The great atmosphere, coupled with the unconscious collective passion and drive of some of the best people in the world. Other than shredding, Solid enjoys music, ice fishing, sled adventures, creating, and fireside sing-alongs. ".............I love snowboarding; snowboarding makes me happy."