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who we are

Oatway Productions owned and operated by Jessie Oatway is a group of local fun-havers seeking adventure through different means; snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt-biking, mountain biking, etc. "We document our adventures and make films to promote adventure to others as well as advertise for our sponsors that help make it all possible. On top of that, we host as many community events as we can, including contests and film festivals. We like to give back to our sports and the community to keep the STOKE alive," says Jessie. 

THe people that make it happen

shred - ambassadors


Owner, operator and addicted snowboarder..

Jessie is Oatway Productions. He does all of the social media marketing, web design, and organizing of events for Oatway Productions. Not to mention doing most of the filming, editing and photography. Jessie is basically the definition of dedicated.

Sponsors: Alphabet Snowboards, Volt Snow Co, Yeti Research Co, Darkside Snow & Skate, Bern Unlimited, Smallfoot Inflatable Snowshoes, Union Binding Co, Zodiac Hemp, Go Puck, Head, Board Butter & Glide Wax and Higher Ground Sports.

rob fowler

Fowler is the voice of Oatway Productions.

When it comes to public speaking, Emceeing events or cracking those witty jokes to keep the fun happening, he is our main man. Rob is also one of the OG creators of Oatway Production and has been apart of the crew before it even existed. He has amazing riding style and always brings a positive comical outlook to situations.

This guy is an Oatway Productions Legend! 

Jessica Pyper

Jessica aka Sal is the backbone of Oatway Productions picking up all the slack and being drug along for all the rides. 

Apart from holding it down for the ladies in the SHRED department, she does a lot of photography and filming for Oatway Productions and is the proof reading master of all thing written.  

Jess is a certified yoga instructor and mountain bike instructor. She teaches yoga here in Golden and yoga retreats all around the world.


Dedicated Beauties

Dependable Companions

sean weber

Ben Grace

Adam Westveer


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