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Age: 28

Years Riding: 16

Rob Fowler was born in Calgary, AB, but he was moved to Golden when he was 6 weeks old; "I'm just glad my parents were cool enough to move to Golden," says Rob, "and, you know, Golden just needed a lil' more Fowler." At age 12, Rob started snowboarding, "it looked fun and I could hear skateboarding telling me to do it. Now, it's more than fun, it's my life." His favorite trick is a backside 540, but goofy butters are his forte. Rob loves Golden and will call it his home for the rest of his life, "IT'S RAD!! It houses good peeps and my family, it's just the place to be for me," says Rob. He rides for Oatway Productions because he loves getting good footy with good friends and being "overall shredtastic." When it's not winter or when the snow's no good, Rob can be found skateboarding, shredding the strings off a guitar, dirt biking, or having a good ol' laugh while drinkin some homebrew in Parsons.