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Age: 30

Years Riding: 14

JT was born and raised in Calgary, AB, well... until he was 11 years old anyway, then they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 6 years, Texas for a year, then Canmore, AB for a year, and eventually back to Calgary which he still calls home. The people and the quick, easy access to the mountains keep him content. JT started snowboarding in 2003, "I needed an outlet for my hyperactivity," he says. His favourite thing is buttering down the mountain, on and off anything and everything. Kicking Horse and Lake Louise are his go-to resorts (based on the snow reports). "I like riding with Oatway Productions because it's a group of awesome riders with some seriously unique riding styles. Every time that we ride it's HILARIOUS fun, and we really push each other to go bigger!" says JT. When the snow drys up and there's none left to butter, you can find him slack-lining, doing yoga, drinking, or maybe out on the lake wake boarding. He also has some hilarious videos on Youtube if you're looking for a good laugh. Check out Wine Tasters Weekly

Follow him on Instagram @mr.whitechedda