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Age: 29

Years Riding: 13

Ian James Butler, aka Bootfuk, was born in Kamloops, BC and raised in 'Drunken' Drayton Valley, AB. Ian moved to Golden after having done a couple seasons at Sun Peaks, he "got sick of no cliffs, and wanted to move back to the Rockies and drop some man-sized shit," says Ian. He then got a job cooking at Eagles Eye restaurant and decided to stay for two more winters. Ian is now living in Nelson, BC and loving life, "I just love the sled access terrain around Golden and when the hill gets a dump, it's a hard place to beat. Massive inbound cliffs and unlimited slack country, it keeps me coming back foooooshoooo," Ian says. He first started snowboarding when he was 16, "once I finally had saved up enough money to buy my own snowboard and get off those wack looking ski things with no pop," he laughs, "and I was a skateboarder, I wanted to be able do the same tricks I did in the summer in the winter and surfing snow is way better than smashing moguls." His favourite thing to do on a board is just strap in, it's all good from there, he loves riding terrain and resorts he's never ridden before, "exploring a brand new mountain is the best! Not knowing what is over each roller and trying out new tree runs, sometimes you get skunked, but most of the time it's just brand new freshies all fo' you." When Bookfuk is not strapped in, he does a lot of other things like wakeboarding, dirtbiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and partying. "Basically just given’r 365 days a year, I can BBQ like a boss and floating down rivers is always a good time." He likes riding for Oatway Productions "because the crew is the most 'Shredicated' dudes i know, and they're always willing to shovel and film for hours, even on a feature that they may not hit. The whole crew gets hella stoked when people stomp piss and we have the footage to proooove it. SHRED TIL DEATH," - Ian Butler.

Follow him on Instagram @bootfuk