Age: 32

Years Riding: 23

John was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba; it was -44 degrees Celsius. He spent his winters in Winnipeg and summers wakeboarding at Clear Lake. He started snowboarding when he was 9, getting towed around behind his dad’s car. “Skiing was too easy, I ran out of tricks, says John and so snowboarding became his new hobby. He quit boarding for 2 years then decided to go on one last powder vacation to B.C. On his way home, he decided to stop at Lake Louise for a day in the park and went too big, “I broke three ribs, punctured and collapsed my lung, detached and split my sternum, separated shoulder, compressed neck vertebrae, bruised my heart and got my 11th major concussion. Morphine and one week in Calgary trauma, I couldn't leave, but I got the girl,” says John. Now he’s happily settled in Golden with “a sweet girl, house and all the backcountry access a guy could need.” His favorite trick is a backside 180, but his specialty is Chaquians. He loves riding for Oatway Productions because “this crew pushes me to have fun and enjoy riding like I was a kid” When it’s not winter, you’ll find John skating mini ramp, at the golf course, playing tennis, or fishing. Oh, and you should see some of the paintings and sculptures this guy makes; a true artist.