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Age: 28

Years Riding: 12

Jessie Oatway grew up snowmobiling and GT-ing in Golden, BC; a town of die-hard shredders. He skied at Whitetooth Ski Resort until it closed down in ‘99. Jessie got his first season’s pass for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in 2004 where he decided it was time to try snowboarding (which all of his skateboarding friends did). It wasn’t until Jessie first strapped into a board with his friends that he realized how good they were, “I was convinced my friends were professional snowboarders,” laughs Jessie. "From that moment on, it was my life goal to be as good as they were. I wanted to be at their level of riding,” he says. But on his tenth day of snowboarding, Jessie broke his femur and tore all the ligaments and muscle off his leg crashing into a tree, which he only saw as a setback to his progression (13 months in a cast and a lot of physio). With Jessie’s perseverance and determination, it was only a few years (and a lot of broken bones) later that he was at their level of shred. He likes riding with Oatway Productions because "we don't need anyone else. It's just us. All my friends and people I look up to are all this company needs. We're just living our normal lives... manipulated by film," he says. His favourite trick is backflipping or buttering anything and everything around.  When he's not playing in the snow, he's probably off skateboarding, BMXing, fishing, taking pictures of things and stuff, cookin' up at storm, or just hiding in his office nerding out hard.

Jessie now rides for Alphabet Snowboards, Bern Unlimited, Union Binding Co, Volt Snow Co, Yeti Research Co, Smallfoot Inflatable Snowshoes, Go Puck, Darkside Snow & Skate, Head, Ride The Vibe, Zodiac Hemp, Demon United, and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

Follow him on Instagram @toatsmcoats