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Age: 29

Years Riding: 19

Born and raised in Golden, BC, Dave Booher has been shredding since the wee age of 10 years old. He started snowboarding because of his friend Mike Farfaro and hasn’t quit because he loves the sport and his progression within it. He likes riding for Oatway Productions because he likes "riding with my friends, we all share the stoke and feel more compelled to do dangerous stunts,” he says. Dave loves Golden, BC and having grown up in the wilderness with all the mountain activities to challenge him, and of course his friends and family to support his doings. Around KHMR, Dave is known for his signature trick we like to call ‘The Dave Booher’ (a badass butter spin into a nollie backside rodeo) but his favourite trick is a tamedog. When he's not in school or tamedoggin' down the mountain, Dave likes to go skateboarding, do art, play music, make sweet stuff, go hunting or fishing.

Follow him on Instagram @davebooher4mayor