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Age: 29

Years Riding:  18

The life and craziness of Danny Bertrand doesn’t really make sense until you hear his birth story. Danny was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1987 in dire need of a blood transfusion. Danny’s old man, who was a navy sailor, was flown from his sea vessel (the HMCS-Assiniboine Destroyer) to give blood to his newborn son otherwise Danny would have passed away. He has since been known for his lifestyle of living on the edge. Danny moved to Golden in 1994 where he played hockey until Adam's Second Year, but hockey got too expensive so he switched to snowboarding. He then bought the world’s shittiest snowboard and has been hooked ever since. Danny loves snowboarding because "dreams can become realities. There's no sense of freedom like it, no rush to compare it to, and some of the time you're 100% as close to that line of life and death that you can be," explains Danny. When asked what his favourite trick is, Danny replies “I don’t know the names of any tricks,” and to be honest, we're not sure if anyone knows the names of his tricks because to most people, they're just not possible. Danny likes being a part of Oatway Productions because "it's a positive environment for me to grow in, there's a lot of quality guys who share and chase the same dreams. Such a dedicated group of people," says Danny. When he's not snowboarding or day dreaming about snowboarding, he's skateboarding, fishing, breaking or fixing anything with a motor, or jamming out. But he's most likely doing the last thing you'd ever expect him to be doing because Danny is the most outrageously spontaneous human ever. So if you find this guy scaling 70ft up some random tree carrying his chainsaw cutting shit down for fun, don't be surprised, just get the f*ck outta the way. 

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