10th Annual Golden Stompdown

This year's event was a huge success! The cloudy, rainy morning had us all pretty worried, but the Shred Gods pulled through and dried up all the rain. We had an amazing turn out of over 350 spectators throughout the day and well over 50 participants. We fed almost 200 people and raised enough money to cover our expenses including insurance for Ride the Vibe to perform their live trials moto show on our local sk8park. We want to thank everyone who came out to support this awesome event we host annually for the youth of Golden.

 Photo of Colin Shields captured by Jessie Oatway

Photo of Colin Shields captured by Jessie Oatway

Thanks to the Town of Golden for supplying us with the necessities to pull this event off.

The Stompdown could not happen without all the prize donations and community support we have, THANK YOU:

Darkside Snow Sk8 Life, Higher Ground, Off The Wall, Derailed Sports, Plain Wayne & Jane, Zodiac Hemp, Remind Insoles, Artschool Skateboards, Filtrate, The Golden Star, Brent's Boardshop, Apostoles Greek Restaurant, Eleven22, Rockwater Grill and Bar, Mountain Motorsports, Stompdown Killaz, Ephin Apparel and Easy Rock Radio Station.

Thanks to Bass Workshop for supplying the sound, Little King Music for providing the microphone and DJ Wakcutt for making the sounds. As well as C.W. Dein for his amazing one man band performance.

 Photo of Sam King captured by Ian Wackett

Photo of Sam King captured by Ian Wackett

Huge shout out to Amico Meats and The Island Restaurant for donating not only all their handcrafted food but the staff to prepare it and Jacob from Amico Meats came and ran the BBQ for us as well.


Thanks to our friend Sam King (professional trails bike rider) from RIDE THE VIBE, for putting on a live show for us and demonstrating some serious skill of a different level on our little sk8park here in Golden. 

A big thanks to Jessie Oatway for organizing and making this event happen every year, as well as all of the volunteers who help run this event, all the spectators who come to watch and support your community and most importantly all the competitors who keep this event alive and help show the community how much this park means to us. 

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Every year as the snow melts, a large 7 shaped patch appears on the top of our local mountain, hence the name Mt 7. So for the locals, it is a yearly tradition to hike up and ride the 7 shaped snow patch before it is completely gone. This year however we decided to tear up on our dirtbikes (in true Golden spirit) and then ride the 7.

Check out our epic adventure! Joined by Colin Wallace, (who was shooting for Tourism Golden), shredders; Jessica Pyper, Jessie Oatway, Dave Booher, Danny Bertrand, Bruce Oatway, Rob Fowler, Adam Westveer, Elisha Peterson and many more, had an amazing day and we managed to document a fair portion of it for your viewing pleasures... ENJOY!         

Photos and videos captured by Colin Wallace and Jessie Oatway   (thanks to everyone involved in making this happen, you guys fucking rock my world)

Full edit out on July 15 as an #everysecondfriday Webisode...... STAY POSTED

9th Annual Quartz Sessions


Well that was a fun weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and ripped! We had the most racers ever and the biggest crowd yet. And you all helped raise another $1000 for Golden District Search and Rescue!!

We want to thank everyone for not driving up the road and keeping the vehicles at the 2km - SledGolden and forestry will be stoked about that like us. Thanks also for being super patient while we sorted out technical difficulties with the snow cat a few times - an electrical fire, parking brake issues and sinking sloppy snow didn't stop our extremely talented operator from getting everyone and all the gear up. Thank you Darcy Keller and Chris Soper for stepping up and getting everything up and down when we couldn't - and all the other guys who helped out as well - teamwork was unbelievable.

Huge shout out to Jacob Amico from Amico Meats in Golden for running our bbq and supplying all the delish pulled pork and Nicole Betty DuVent for her amazing muff pot meals from Eat Pure Mountain Market in Golden - please support these 2 local rad and fresh businesses!

Thank you to Darcy Keller and Timmy Nelson and all the other Trailer Park Boarders and Donald crew for doing what they do to get the course ready for days before the race and on race day.

Thanks to the ladies Karen McNab Keller and Julia Nelson for keeping the race organized- we seriously couldn't run this show without you!!

Amazing job Kelly Bushman keeping your shit together with all the snow challenges and minor breakdowns and a huge thanks for donating time, equipment and fuel to make sure this race goes off. (Your pipe dream will come true for the 10th annual.)

Thanks to Knight Rider aka Brian Lavoie And Nicole for everything you do behind the scenes before the race and the day of and for supplying rad prizes! And for the never ending entertainment before, during and after the race.

Thank you Oatway Productions for documenting and helping promote this amazing event, as well as donating prizes, lending out radios and doing anything else needed to run the event. These guys Rock.

Thanks to all our sponsors for the great prizes and all the supplies we get donated - sorry if we miss someone:

  • Arts vs Crafts
  • Industry
  • Knight rider racks
  • Eat Pure
  • Amico Meats
  • Oatway Productions
  • Riverhouse
  • Celtek
  • Zodiak Hemp
  • Trailer Park Boarders
  • Darkside
  • Propaganda
  • Freedom
  • Ride
  • Society
  • Sales Lab
  • Herschel Supply Co
  • Banff Ave Brewing

We are stoked about the photos and videos popping up - keep them coming! ‪#‎gtordie‬

We had a couple reporters out this weekend and we can't wait to read the articles and see the images - thanks Louis Bockner from Kootenay Culture Magazine for coming out and Carrie from the Globe and Mail along with photographer Dave Best.

Well I think that's it for now!! Thanks all for another rad Quartz Sessions!  Stay tuned for the full video.


2nd Annual Blaeberry River Skip

A quick tease of the happenings from last Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at the Blaeberry River near Golden, BC. 
Due to rules, liabilities and other legalities that we have a really hard time understanding, we decided to do our own slush cup... Danny Bertrand/ Oatway Productions style! A vehicle tow in, over 100 feet of open river water, and a sweet kicker to sniper tranny to end it off. The 2nd Annual Blaeberry River Skip full edit coming soon. As always - ENJOY!! 

Look for the full-length version in our #EverySecondFriday Webisodes coming soon!




Tori in Canadian Geographic.jpg

Rider Tristan Miller banked a full page print reppin' our little town of Golden with 'GOLDEN RULES' stamped across it In the latest edition of Canadian Geographic. F*ckin proud of this one, our good buddy Lane Clark landed the cover shot. They may not have gotten credits for being the riders in this mag but we know damn rights who they are and where there from. Grab a copy and slap it on your wall. Golden Locals for the win............ STOKED


Road Trippin'



A tale of winter shred-ventures 

Words by: Solid

5:35 am. A distant alarm fills the once pitch black room with a horribly high pitched beeping sound and a faint red glow of almost unreadable numbers. A rustling of sheets and blankets leads to a mystery hand emerging from beneath and striking the alarm with an overhand fist. The shuffling of blankets, sleeping bags, cans/bottles, and the grunts and groans, that only a hung-over early morning can produce, now begin to fill the room. The air is thick with the heavy musk of yesterday’s wet boots and last night’s bad decisions; those clinking bottles and cans aren’t just soda pops and that feeling inside your skull will be the proof of that. 

5:41 am. The acknowledgement of the morning has now begun to sink into every awakening body that is sprawled across this living room floor; this living breathing jigsaw puzzle of friends and shred gear. Somebody finally musters up the energy to get out of their sleeping arrangements and makes a move for the window shades. With one swift pull of the string, the shades pull apart from the center of the window and the morning light rips through the darkness to illuminate everything it touches. 

Eyes squint, blankets get thrown over faces, and hands rise up in the air frantically trying to block the sunlight from their barely awoken eyes. Once the raw truth of the situation is accepted and understood, the eyes begin to focus and the true nature of the day is welcomed and remembered; today we shred. 

Bodies rustle and the stoke begins to collectively spread subconsciously through each person as someone decides to head to the stereo and put on some music to help the morning routine unfold. 

5:50 am. The heavy moan of a metal song begins and builds up over time through a perfect symphony of high fives, devil horns, fist bumps, smiles and collective realizations that we get to go out and do that thing we love to do. The once dormant bodies that were sprawled across the floor now spring into action as if to be parts of a well-oiled machine built to do nothing but allow a perfect day of snowboarding unfold as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Two bodies head to the kitchen; turning on the coffee maker and preparing some breakfast items, another two bodies head to the boot dryer and check on the gear, another collection of bodies emerge from another room and just lay on the couch (maybe not the most well-oiled machine at all times.) 

6:30 am. Stomachs are full, lunches are packed, coffee pots are empty and the slow guy is still trying to figure out where is other glove is. Somebody is freaking out because they think they left their wallet at the bar last night, all the while somebody else has just walked outside to realize they left the truck window open all night and the 25 cm of snow forecast the previous evening found its way into the passenger’s seat and floor. These are minor casualties that are immediately brushed off after somebody else calls everyone into the living room for some unknown reason.

Now huddled around a computer monitor like NASA scientists discovering new planets, you shuffle through a sea of toque covered heads to catch a glimpse at the screen to see a live picture of the new oceans of snowfall perfectly blanketed across the top of the resort mountain. Waves of high fives and hoots’n’hollers now fill the room and almost overtake the metal blasting from the stereo; a perfect blend of sound indicating another perfect day in paradise; we are the warriors of shred.

7:03 am. The lost glove is found; the wallet was in the “other” jacket; the snow is brushed off the seat and off the vehicle floor; shred gear is loaded into roof racks, trunks, trailers and truck-beds; the sky is blue and the morning sun flickers through beams of light that shine and bounce off of every snowflake on the ground and in the air; coffee mugs are filled to the brim; the morning bong tokes begin to enhance the intensity of the sunlight and begin to bring a slight grin to each person’s face; the first adventure of the day begins… get to the mountains.

7:55 am.  Two close calls, numerous road beers, 2 PRJ’s and countless high fives and hollers later the arrival at the mountain becomes a reality. The drive up to the mountain must always consist of pump-up music and anything that gets one “stoked.” If that means putting the windows down and fist-bumping to the loudest silly music, then by all means giv’r shit bud; just keep your eyes on the road because I will NOT die listening to Mmmbop flying off a mountain road at 100km/h… not going to happen.

8:20 am. Gear is on the ground of the parking lot and vehicles are parked and accounted for. Somebody lights up another PRJ and proceeds to improve everyone’s mood by spreading the good green vibes to everyone who wishes to partake. Like an undefeatable army, the group moves towards the gondola like a group of warriors looking to conquer new worlds. The collective stoke only rises as the group crams themselves into one gondola, or two, and starts the final ascent to greatness. As the cabin rises into the mountains, the true greatness of the day is revealed by each passing line opportunity and snowy feature that lies underneath the gondolas path up the mountainside. Eyes begin to race the sides of the mountain looking for the perfect line, the perfect turn, the perfect choice. Not a second of time will be wasted today; everybody is on their game, and it shows in the ride up. Silence fills the cabin as eyes scan the fresh snow looking for the best spots. Somebody finds something of interest and shouts out to alert the others; heads turn in an instant and look towards the mentioned zone; target acquired.

8:40 am. On top of the world. Stepping out of the gondola cabin reveals a world that seems to be out of our own. The raw, intense contrast of white snow on blue sky fills the entire visual spectrum and illuminates the whole landscape. A light wind blows the loose snow around and creates vibrant rays of light sparkling off of moving snowflakes; magic is real. 

The crunch of new and old snow being compacted under snowboots fills the air as the warriors march towards their chosen path. The crunches of snow transition and fade into snowboards thudding into the fresh powder and coming to a halt on the crushed snow underneath. Words of stoke and good vibrations fill the air between clicks and clacks of ratchets and bindings tightening against the cold boot fabric; a distant voice shouts out, “Best day ever!” As the shout fades into the distance, the warriors all acknowledge that everyone is strapped in, gloves on, music cranked; our goggles and minds clear of fog. With a raise of the fist, the person at the front of the pack lifts their arm and points to an endless ocean of powder, trees, cliffs and steeps. It is here we tell our stories; it is here we fight our internal battles to create that which we wish to create; it is here that we make adventure a reality and turn these pieces of wood and metal into weapons of creation and endless fun. 


Eat, sleep, shred, repeat. 




  • Solid 


The 7th Annual Quartz Sessions


On April 19th, 2014 in the snowmobile paradise of Quartz Creek (just 35km west of Golden, BC), the 7th Annual 'Quartz Sessions' GT race fired off. This year's event was sponsored by Knight Rider Racks, Fastcat Grooming, Oatway Productions, Arts vs Crafts, Darkside, All Rose, Freedom, Propaganda, Bite Beef, Cariboos Brewing, DeeJacks Welding, Eternal Riders, The Wolfs Den and The Riverhouse. Enjoy this edit we made, relive the memories of last year's event and get stoked for next year.... See you in April.....   GT or DIE!

An open letter to Snowboarding Season:


An open letter to Snowboarding Season:

Hello Beautiful. You were gone so long, but are now so close. All summer long I thought about you; saving money so I can purchase various items so I can ride your tender powder faces and trees. I worked long days, and short days, but you were always on my mind; a beacon of hope that all this just might be worth it. You have been around for so long and every time you come around you allow my friends and I to create such great things. We all love you so much because you aren’t just something amazingly fun to do on snow; you are an outlet for anything going on in one’s life. Though snowboarding is amazingly fun when shared with friends, it is not a team sport and as such it is what you make of it anytime you go out there. There are no sidelines, no penalty boxes, no “how-to” manual sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere outlining what is and what isn’t; you are not so much a hobby as you are a blank canvas of endless creative possibilities. You will be here so soon, and that means a few things…
That means early mornings, strong coffee, cold walks to the car/hitching spot, wet boots, line-ups, hangovers, falling down, long drives, longer hikes, chairlift rides, sitting in trucks with dogs, and so much more… and I crave the routines that come with your arrival. It is truly the little things that pay off in a day of snowboarding; no matter what kind of snowboarding you are doing that day from waist deep backcountry hikes to bluebird park laps. It’s in the extra couple seconds held on your perfectly stalled method, the shifty/poke during that back 180 that you think no one will notice (but you do), a simple hand drag during an epic powder turn, feeling the flow of the snow beneath your board on an all-time powder day, the never ending burn in your legs after a huge run and the immediate satisfaction that triumphs any previous fatigue; oh, my snowboard you are so much more than a piece of wood and some metal. You are an enabler; an enabler of creation and self-expression. Your attitude is nestled somewhere between sexy and bat-shit crazy and you make people do silly things all for the thrill and satisfaction of bringing something in your head to life (and making it look good). To look at snowy features and create a thought process that ends in you landing your objective is a series of moments loosely existing between fits of rage and euphoria. I like you because you are an output for raw creativity and a place where a mind can go to enter a state of complete focus and peace. 

I love you snowboarding.


With that being said, hurry up and get here because you can only do so many living room butters and rock-board shred urban days before all your gear is wrecked and you look like an idiot come first snowfall. 


- Solid

you’re hot

Quartz Sessions 6th Annaul Gt race


On April 20th, 2013 in the snowmobile paradise of Quartz Creek (just 35km west of Golden, BC), the 6th Annual 'Quartz Sessions' GT race fired off. This year's event was sponsored by Knight Rider Racks, Fastcat Grooming, Arts vs Crafts, Darkside, All Rose, Freedom, Propaganda, Bite Beef, Cariboos Brewing, DeeJacks Welding, Eternal Riders, and The Riverhouse. Enjoy this edit we made, bask in the memories of this year's event and get stoked for next year.... See you in April.....   GT or DIE!





Trailer for upcoming 2013 Oatway Production film called 'Shredicated.' Video out soon... Enjoy!


1.  A wholly commitment to achieving personal goals and to shred everyday no matter what.

2.  The unbreakable bond between friends to push one another's skill levels and human limits while having the most fun possible. 

The 7th Annual Golden Stompdown


Another successful year.

The 7th Annual ‘Golden Stompdown’ is a skateboard, mountain bike, BMX and scooter competition for all skill levels and all ages. It is hosted every year by Oatway Productions with help from The Town of Golden and The Golden Cycling Club at The Golden Freeride Park (located across from the College of the Rockies) in Golden, BC. This year's event was held on Saturday, September 14th, 2013.

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