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Ben Grace

Age 28

Ben aka 'Donnie' is more than just a dependable companion, he is an avid backcountry adventurer with a great eye for features.  Born and raised in London, Ontario, he made the move out west to see what snowboarding and mountain biking were like (in the mountains) and the mountains of BC have been trapping him in Golden for quite some time now?

He's a powder junkie, in it more for the journey and adventure more than the freestyle aspect. During his numerous explorations Donnie is always on the prowl for features the more aggressive riders can get down on. Not only that but, he is always willing to lead the way to new zones or help carry equipment up to get the shot. As well as shooting some of the photos and videos of the riders for Oatway Productions media channels and sponsors.  He likes being a part of Oatway Productions because...

When he's not trying to find the next peak to bag, you can find him...

Follow his adventures on Instagram @stevedonnie