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Closing Day Shenanigans (Bonus Weekend) at Kicking Horse Mountain and first day using the new camera. Shot a couple runs all over exposed so wejust made a webisode out of it. We're all dressed like fools and its all for good fun so Enjoy. "Don't believe me just watch"

Riders: Danny Bertrand, Rob Fowler, Jessie Oatway, Dave Booher, Jessica Pyper, Ben Grace and Martin Gautreau

Guest high five from a couple of shred gals in the skin.

Filmed by Tristan Miller

Music: Mark Ronson - 'Uptown Funk' (feat. Bruno Mars)


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THe people that make it happen

The Masterminds


Owner, operator and snowboard mastermind.

Jessie does all of the social media marketing, web design, and organizing of events, as well as alot of the filming, editing and photography for Oatway Productions.

Golden, BC local (born and raised)

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Head filmer, editor for Oatway Productions. Video genius and all round shredder and nature lover. 


Jessica Pyper

Photographer, film assistant, proof reading master and holding it down for the ladies.